Emergency Home Watch Services


Standalone Hodag Storm Watch Service Fee

This includes the initial evaluation and applicable reporting, and phone calls to report time sensitive items.

$150 Flat Rate/Visit*

Hodag Storm Watch Service Agreement

Hodag Home Watch offers our Hodag Storm Watch Services. In the event of adverse weather conditions, we will visit your property as soon as safely possible to evaluate the property for downed trees/limbs, hail damage, wind damage, downed power lines, broken windows, ice/snow damage, or any other damages Mother Nature may have in store!

$150 Flat Rate/Visit*

Night & Weekend Visits

If for any reason you would like Hodag Home Watch to conduct an emergency night or weekend evaluation of your property, we got you covered! We will make an emergency visit at our earliest convenience, when safe and/or weather permits.

$150 Flat Rate/Visit*

Hodag Freeze Watch**

In the event the temperature in your home drops below a predetermined temperature, you can notify Hodag Home Watch and we will visit your property as soon as reasonably and safely possible to assess the situation. If needed, the necessary contractor can then be notified. We will then meet the contractor onsite to allow entrance to your home for repairs. No more worrying about frozen pipes!

$150 Flat Rate/Visit*

*For all visits prior to 8:00 am and after 6:00pm Central Standard Time and ALL weekend and/or Emergency Service visits. Please refer to service agreement for additional information concerning terms, conditions, and limitations of services. Includes the initial evaluation and applicable reporting, phone calls to report time sensitive items, and the first hour on site.

Note: Clients must contact Hodag Home Watch for all emergency visits unless prior agreements are made.

**There must be a landline and/or a Wi-Fi thermostat installed in the home.