Frequently Asked Questions

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What is offered with the Home Watch package?

Our Home Watch Evaluation includes a standard evaluation of your home and it’s components, as well as an exterior inspection to ensure your home stays safe and secure.

Hodag Home Watch will also perform routine maintenance items such as changing filters, ensuring plumbing traps are not dry, changing light bulbs (if safely accessible), or watering flowers and plants. *Limitations apply

How will I know that Hodag Home Watch is actually monitoring my property?

With every service rendered you will receive a link to photos and/or videos of the Home Watch evaluation. A customized report indicating any items of concern and/or maintenance duties performed will be listed, with pictures if applicable and/or when necessary.

Who handles Emergency and/or Storm Watch calls?

We do! Hodag Home Watch is committed to ensuring that your property is looked after in the case of a hazardous weather event.

No need to worry yourself wondering about the tree in the backyard after a strong thunderstorm or heavy snowfall thanks to our emergency Storm Watch service!

Hodag Home Watch will visit your property as soon as possible to check your home for storm damage, and alert you immediately if troubles arise.

Does Hodag Home Watch perform repairs, or perform tasks such as snow removal, tree removal, etc?

Hodag Home Watch is not licensed in any of the skilled trades or properly equipped to perform certain tasks, and such, will defer these specialized services to professionals within that given trade.

We will kindly help by providing contact information for applicable qualified contractors, and can offer our Contractor Watch services, at an additional cost.

What is included in the Contractor Watch service?

Hodag Home Watch does provide a Contractor Watch service!

At your request Hodag Home Watch will make a visit to your property to ensure contractor services are provided as agreed upon between you, the home owner, and the contactor of your choice.

Coordination of services to be performed is the sole responsibility of the property owner and contractor(s) involved. Upon arrival on site, Hodag Home Watch will take all necessary pictures involving the services being evaluated and will relay our findings back to you promptly, and provide a customized report, with pictures, detailing our findings.